Victory Lane Hosts Amazing Wheel Race

Victory Lane recently held the inaugural Amazing Wheel Race fundraiser. The event featured an Amazing Race competition with 8 teams racing to 4 different New Castle locations to complete a challenge. There was also a car show, gas powered remote control cars, bounce houses, and more. The funds raised will be used to support Victory Lane’s camp session this summer.

Victory Lane is an organization that brings families of children with special needs together with families without special needs children. They first meet at camp and continue to meet at events providing an ongoing opportunity to connect and build community throughout the year. 

The Amazing Wheel Race had an estimated 300 people who attended. Between sponsors, registration revenue, and the silent auction, the event raised over $7,000.

“My favorite moment of the day was watching everyone enjoy themselves,” Victory Lane Fundraising Assistant Natasha Hamilton, noted. “We appreciate the support of everyone who came. Every donation makes an impact for our families. We are excited to have our first  summer camp session since 2019.”

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