An Adventure In Giving

Rosanne Hardwick loves giving back to her community. When she saw there were needs within Victory Lane Camp, she found a way to make a difference.

Rosanne’s history with Victory Lane Camp started with her work at Huffman Chiropractic. When VLC Founder Brett Fischer first started his pediatric rehab clinic, it was in the same facility as the chiropractic practice. Several of the first Victory kids started as Brett’s patients.

“I got to know some of the kids and their personalities,” Rosanne shared. She also witnessed the organization grow through the years. “It’s unique. I’ve not seen anything else like this in our area. Having the chance to see it start, develop, and grow, I can see that God is blessing the program.”

Rosanne bought tickets to attend the George Dennehy concert that VLC hosted last fall and planned to take her family. At first her husband wasn’t planning to attend, but changed his mind and went along with Rosanne and the children.

“I wanted to expose them to what Victory Lane Camp was all about, and we were all encouraged by the presentation,” she noted. “My husband has become a wonderful spokesperson for VLC now.”

They made a family decision to take one of the giving envelopes that was available after the program to support VLC. When they opened the envelope and discovered the suggested amount was more than was in their budget, they decided to keep the envelope and raise the money for VLC.

As an active part of her family’s flag business, Rosanne has connected with other business people through the years. She and her business networking group established a birthday blessings program at a local senior residence center, and they would use candy bars to help raise money for this program. Rosanne decided to launch a candy bar sale to raise money for VLC.

“We would take the candy bars to church. Not only would we sell candy bars, but we also started lifting Victory Lane Camp up in prayer,” she said. “My husband would often add to the announcement and promote Victory Lane Camp.”

Rosanne raised an initial donation of $100, and soon followed with a $78 donation. This exceeded the suggested amount for the envelope they picked up at the concert.

She doesn’t have plans for another fundraising effort right now as she transitions into helping at the flag pole company where her husband works. But she added that she would consider it as the Lord guides her.

“As a family, we would love to go to camp as a serving family at some time,” Rosanne noted. “What VLC is about is a lot of heart work. It’s not just to get healthier, but also to meet an emotional and spiritual need… a need for community.”