A Passion For Serving Grows At Victory Lane Spring Events

Zonda Ketcham has a passion for serving, a passion she wanted to share with her own children as she raised them. Because of the solid foundation built through the generosity of Victory Lane donors, the entire Ketcham family has had the opportunity to serve and build relationships within the Victory Lane community. 

The Ketchams have served with Victory Lane even before the first summer camp session began. Zonda was excited for her family to be a part of a tight-knit, supportive community. Victory Lane has taught her family how to lean out of their comfort zones and help others who might be different from them. One of the key aspects of the Ketcham family’s involvement includes the special events hosted by Victory Lane.

“Offering events is a huge part of keeping the Victory Lane community close,” Zonda explained. “We are given the chance to visit, share fellowship, encourage one another, and do life together in those moments.”

The Ketcham family recently participated in the February skating party and Zonda also attended the Women’s Get Retreat in March. Victory Lane understands that sometimes parents need stress-free alone time. They offer both kid based and parent only events to strengthen the bond among families in the Victory Lane community.

“My family attended the skating party and I loved teaching A.J.’s* nieces and nephews how to skate,” Zonda added. “I also spent some time pushing Aaron Cook [in his wheelchair] around the rink, even though he claimed I was pushing way too slow!”

Events hosted by Victory Lane are able to happen because of gracious donations made by you! Many of the events are at no cost to attendees to allow everyone to enjoy the fun. Are you interested in helping foster friendships through Victory Lane? Visit VictoryLaneCamp.org/donate

*A.J. Wise is a celebrity Victory kid, as he has been involved with VLC since he was 13. Read more about A.J.