Welcome to 40 Days To Victory!

From NOW-March 23, we're inviting PARTNER FAMILIES to join in the meaningful service opportunity happening this summer at Victory Lane Camp sessions. Do you (or does a family you know) have a heart for service? Invite them to learn more by sharing this page!


Four days can make all the difference.

-Get to know families who have kids with special needs.

-Develop compassion and character in your children or grandchildren.

-Make a difference and make friendships that will last a lifetime.

Sign up today to become a Partner Family with Victory Lane!

March 14 - 40 Day Facebook Post

Interested In Serving?

Give your children the opportunity to impact their community when you sign up to serve at Victory Lane’s summer camp session. Your family will build relationships with families who have children with disabilities. Through hands-on, fun experiences, your kids will develop a heart for service and receive training that they can use for the rest of their lives.

Homeschool Family?

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Victory Lane offers a transformative service trip that will provide your family with countless memories to share. By serving as a Partner Family, you will make an impact in families with children who have special needs. You’ll also help your kids learn skills like communication and problem-solving and develop traits like leadership and compassion.

Learn more about homeschool serving opportunities.

Christian School Family?

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You’re investing in your child’s educational development, but how are you investing in their character? Teach your kids how to be part of a greater community by signing up to be a Partner Family at Victory Lane. By serving families with children who have special needs, your children will learn how to value others and discover the joy of having friends who have different abilities.

Learn more about serving as a Christian School Family.


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Spend quality time with your grandchildren while serving others at a Victory Lane summer camp session. You’ll get to know families who have children with special needs and help your grandkids build friendships that last a lifetime. At the same time, you’ll find renewed purpose and the heart-warming joy of making a difference in the lives of others.

Read about grandparents serving with grandchildren.