Women of Victory Lane Continue Connections with Bible Study

Every spring, Victory Lane hosts a Women’s Refresh weekend made possible by you, our donors who generously invest in Victory Lane. This weekend is for all women connected with Victory Lane who serve with Partner Families or who attend as Victory Moms. The annual event provides opportunities for encouragement, pampering, and relationship building.

Planning for the 2020 weekend began in 2019, and the theme for the weekend was centered on overcoming fear. Through fellowship, the ladies would be given resources to help them grow as mothers and women. However, the ensuing pandemic led to the cancellation of the Women’s Refresh Weekend. The cancellation weighed heavy on Paige Fischer, who organizes the weekend every year.

“We need one another,” Paige explained. “In my opinion, prolonged isolation can be just as harmful as a virus.”

After speaking with her close friend Joanne Passinisi, Paige had an idea. Joanne wrote a Bible study called “From Worrier to Warrior,” and it was the perfect message for the ladies of Victory Lane. Joanne was willing to virtually meet with the women who were scheduled to attend the Refresh weekend and suggested meeting multiple times. All women connected with Victory Lane were invited to attend the four-week Bible study around the theme “From Worrier to Warrior.”

“I kept thinking this was a message that is needed today,” Paige noted. “I wanted us women to come together to pray, study the Bible, be strengthened and encouraged so we could overcome the fear around us. I believe that’s just what we did!”

Christine Carey was one of the women who participated in the Bible study. She has attended the Women’s Refresh weekends in the past and always leaves with a new “unofficial” family member. Christine started the study while experiencing a tremendous amount of fear, due to her career in healthcare during a pandemic.

“For the first few sessions, I tried not to cry and just kept writing down what Joanne was saying,” Christine shared. “The anxiety I had was overwhelming… but with each session I would let my emotional guard down a little more.”

As the study continued, Christine began to feel like she was no longer facing her fear alone. As the virus continued to spread, it made its way to Christine. In mid-May she tested positive for the virus, along with pneumonia.

“I believe being a part of the Bible study prepared me for what I was about to go through with my sickness and recovery,” Christine added. “I am on the mend now and have shifted from worrier to warrior.”

The generous donors of Victory Lane make connections like the Women’s Bible Study possible. To invest in these connections through Victory Lane, please visit our donate page.