Why We’re Thankful

As 2017 winds down, we’re overwhelmed with thankfulness for the many blessings that have come from the Victory Lane Camp community. Here is a list of 10 things we’re thankful for this year.

Victory Families- Ten new Victory Families joined us this year, and each family has brought so much to our community. We’re also thankful for the way ALL of our Victory Families have been involved this year, from attending monthly events to participating in camp.

Church/Organization Partners- Many churches and service organizations help with various “behind-the-scenes” aspects of Victory Lane Camp, and their support is very appreciated. For example, Sulphur Springs Church sponsored the Cast Part for this year’s VLC Talent Night. Ten churches and service groups provided meals at our July camp session.

TIMs (Teens In Mission)- This year we had a record 24 teens participate in camp, including a youth group. Eight teens are participating in a year-long training and volunteer program. Sierra Anderson-Firle, who served as the intern coordinating the TIMs program, had this to say about the TIMs, “Both the Serving Families and Victory Families told me that the TIMs were a huge help.”

Serving Families- TIMs weren’t the only group setting records. The number of Serving Families also set a record, with 29 families giving their time and energy to serve at a summer camp session. The Clemens family was one of the families who served this summer. “I loved being associated with a family, having a specific role, finding fellowship and building community,” expressed Kristina Clemens.

Pit Crew Members- Pit crews are the teams of people who help keep VLC running year- round. All pit crews worked to make 2017 a successful year of building the VLC community. We are thankful for the two new pit crew members who joined us this year: Audrea Thatcher and Nancy Wadman.

Board of Directors- As Victory Lane Camp continues to grow, we rely heavily on the wonderful group of Christians leaders who have stepped up to help guide this organization. Their advice and active involvement is something we’re extremely thankful for.

Prayer Partners- Victory Lane Camp was built on a foundation of prayer, and as we grow, we recognize the continued importance of prayer. We’re thankful for the faithful prayer partners who covered us in prayer to make this a fantastic year.

Corporate Sponsors- The support of corporate sponsors makes it possible for us to operate and provide quality experiences for Victory Families. This year’s corporate sponsors are Bethany Cares Home Health Agency, Tri-State Forestry Services, Inc., Bruderer, Midwest Orthotic & Technology Center, Superior Van & Mobility, Henry County Community Foundation, ASI, Just Mulch Inc., Colour’z, Focal Point Coaching, Huffman Family Chiropractic, Big O Tires, Numotion, Cornerstone Campground, Verizon/TCC, Sproles Corp., Parkview Family Dentistry, Baumgartner Commercial, Don Criswell Construction, Bradford Woods, 321Go Kids’ Rehab, 321Go Family, and Senior Living at Forest Ridge.

Donors- We’re also thankful for individual donors who do their part to support Victory Lane Camp. This year, we have the abundant blessing of an anonymous donor who is matching all new monthly donors… each month up to $1,500! Learn more about this opportunity at www.VictoryLaneCamp.org/give.php

You! Every person who’s involved with Victory Lane Camp is someone who we are thankful for. Whether you just stumbled on this story today and are learning about VLC for the first time, or whether you were part of the founding group of pioneers who helped begin this organization, we’re thankful for YOU, and we look forward to a bright future ahead!