Getting to Know Whitney: Victory Lane’s New Connections Coordinator

From Kenya to Kentucky, Whitney Renfroe’s life story has taken her around the globe, with the latest chapter including Victory Lane. Whitney isn’t focused on her story, however, but rather the stories of the Victory and Partner families associated with Victory Lane. As a result of the generous investment by Victory Lane donors, Whitney will join the team as the Connections Coordinator for Henry County with a focus on igniting community in the year ahead.

Her responsibilities will include helping families connect with one another throughout the year, outside of camp sessions. She will spearhead Victory Lane’s goal of creating supportive community between families of children with special needs and typical families; and keeping that community healthy and growing year-round.

“I am looking forward to learning the stories of people within the Victory Lane community. Stories fascinate me, and I believe they are key to understanding people and cultivating empathy,” Whitney noted.

Whitney was born in Kenya and lived in East Africa for about 10 years before her family returned to the United States. She recently graduated with her doctorate in Occupational Therapy from Indiana Wesleyan in April 2020. After graduating she learned of 321Go Kids (the therapy practice that shares a building with Victory Lane) and felt it was a good fit for her to pursue. During her interview, she was introduced to Victory Lane and its mission to reignite community.

“I have a passion for seeing communities thrive,” Whitney explained. “This passion led me to work for both Victory Lane and 321Go Kids.”

Although her job title is connections coordinator, Whitney sees her job as a coach or cheerleader. Her goal is to come alongside families to help them overcome barriers that are preventing them from finding community and connections.

“There's this beautiful word from South Africa – ‘ubuntu.’ It can be roughly translated, ‘I am because you are.’ The physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of the individual is tied to the health of the community,” Whitney added. “No one should have to journey life alone- we need one another.”