Serving Together: What’s involved with being a serving family?

As Victory Lane Camp gets ready to welcome 15 Victory Families (families who have kids with special needs) to camp sessions this summer, we’re in need of a few more serving families. This opportunity is ideal for a family who is looking to serve and grow together through a mission trip experience.

The Bowman family discovered change and growth within their own family as they served together last summer. “My boys loved interacting with all the other kids,” Wendy Bowman shared. “We are growing closer together and closer to God as a team.”

So what is involved with becoming a serving family and what do serving families do at camp?

The first and most important function you have as a serving family is building relationships with Victory Families. This is done in a variety of ways…

1. Conversation! We build a lot of free time in our camp schedule to allow plenty of time for serving families and Victory families to get to know each other. These conversations often lead to ongoing friendships, like the one between the Miller and Youngquist families. “I love what being friends with the Millers has taught me. Doug and Brenda are truly an inspiration to me and I cherish the friendship we have,” noted Tiffanny Youngquist.

2. Participate in family activities alongside Victory Families. Most of our activities at camp are for the entire family and we encourage our serving families to get involved in the activities and help the Victory families participate as well. Most Victory families will require some type of adaptation in order for them to participate. We teach and empower serving families how to adapt any activity or environment to the needs of their assigned Victory family, and if the serving families need help, a therapist is always close by to assist them.

3. Recognize the needs of the Victory family and fill them. The training the serving families receive prior to camp gives them the confidence to recognize and fill the needs of their assigned Victory family. When the Clemens family signed up as a serving family, they appreciated the intentionality involved with serving. “I loved being associated with a family, having a specific role, finding fellowship and building community,” expressed Kristina Clemens.

In addition to building relationships, serving families can expect to be asked to help set up and clean up after activities and meals. Serving families will also actively participate in campfire activities which may include skits (not a requirement), building campfires, running sound and video equipment or helping with s’mores.

When the Cash family decided to come to a summer session with Victory Lane Camp, it was primarily to help their kids avoid having an entitlement mentality. Carmen noted, “It’s so easy to get caught up in being all about ourselves, so the best remedy for us was serving as a mission family.”

If you want to make a lasting impact on your family this summer, start your own adventure as a serving family. Like the many serving families who have already participated at a VLC summer session, you’ll create memories together and take home a life-changing experience. Find out more by visiting our serving family page.