Victory Lane Qualifies for Special Giving Opportunity

Since 2015, Victory Lane has celebrated children with different abilities and surrounded their families with a loving, supportive environment complete with trained volunteers. Hosting multiple summer camp sessions, Victory Lane goes beyond one-time inclusion experiences and fosters lifelong relationships.

These camp sessions and relationship-building activities are made possible by generous supporters. Victory Lane staff and volunteers continually look for ways to encourage financial donations to help reach more families and cultivate these important relationships.

“As a parent of a child with special needs, I have watched our family become stronger through our involvement with Victory Lane,” shared Natasha Hamilton, Fundraising Assistant with Victory Lane. “We want to see more families experience this, but Victory Lane needs financial donations to make this happen.”

Natasha and the team at Victory Lane have worked vigorously to qualify for Indiana’s Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP). This program distributes tax credits to eligible non-profit organizations and allows donors to receive 50% of the donation amount back in a tax credit.

Here’s an example of how it works: 1. A donor gives $200 to Victory Lane (there is a $100 minimum donation for the NAP program). 2. The donor receives $100 automatically credited back to them on their Indiana state taxes. 3. The donor can also claim the $200 donation on their federal taxes.

“Qualifying for this giving opportunity is huge for Victory Lane,” Natasha explained. “This could have the potential to impact so many families as they connect through Victory Lane.”

Victory Lane only has a limited number of gifts (tax credits), so Natasha encourages donors to move quickly. She hopes to have all gifts accounted for by December 3, Giving Tuesday. Each donation requires some basic paperwork, so donors need to reach out directly to Natasha Hamilton at 765-591-3394 or [email protected].