Victory Lane Creates Community in Facebook Group

Even though Victory Lane’s summer camp sessions are cancelled, creating connections is still vital. You, our generous donors who invest in Victory Lane, are instrumental to helping staff and volunteers continue to build relationships in the midst of challenging circumstances.

One of the ways relationships continue to grow is through the Victory Lane Facebook group. The group was originally launched in September of 2019 to keep families updated on what was happening through Victory Lane.

The plan was to keep families informed about upcoming events happening and encourage participation. What has actually emerged in the group recently is continued family connections, and the ability to keep in touch no matter the circumstances.

The Victory Lane Community Facebook group serves as a safe space to help families know they have a community of people to support them. Within the group, nobody judges the bad days, and everyone rallies behind the good ones.

“If I was to introduce Victory Lane to a stranger, I would explain that it is a community of people who understand the struggles families with special needs kids deal with,” Melissa Smith, Victory Mom, explains. “My favorite things about Victory Lane is that everyone who is a part of the group genuinely cares about you.”

The virtual activities that the Victory Lane Community group hosts are inclusive to the entire family. If a child doesn’t want to actively participate in an activity, that’s okay! There are plenty of other things for them to do, so everyone has an enjoyable time. Melissa Smith, volunteer and mother to her own child with special needs, has worked diligently to ensure that a variety of items are posted frequently. Those posts include games, contests, and conversation starters as well as celebrating VLC birthdays and holidays.

All families that are involved with Victory Lane—both Victory Partners and Victory Families—are invited and welcome to join the Facebook group. The group has become a forum for families to stay connected and involved, especially during times like the present.

“The community of people are amazing. Every child with special needs matters, and every sibling as well. Even the parents matter!” Melissa added. “I built so many walls up before joining Victory Lane and they were torn down so fast. The love you feel with Victory Lane is just fantastic.”

Even without camp sessions, it is vital to keep connections alive between Victory Partners and Victory Families. These connections are made possible by you, someone that generously invests in Victory Lane. For more information about how you can get involved, visit