Victory Family Experiences New Friends and New Adventures at Camp

Taby Wise was terrified of the zipline at Bradford Woods this summer, but her son AJ was determined to try it. Fearlessly, AJ insisted that his family promise to take turns and all experience the zipline. As he was coming to the close of his adventure, AJ declared that it was “awesome” and quickly asked to go again.

The Wise family has been a part of the VLC community for the last couple of years. This was their second time attending camp. “We were looking forward to camp again. AJ loves it because everyone includes him. They adapt the games so he can fit in. They make you feel really comfortable and welcome,” shared Taby.

Even though AJ had been to camp before, he found new ways to move out of his comfort zone and really connect at camp. Taby explained, “This year, he was socializing. Some of the kids came to our cabin and played cards. It’s amazing to see him build relationships with other kids.”

One of those relationships was with his friend, Simon. AJ said “I really liked hanging out with Simon and doing the zipline. That made me feel happy.”

Watching her son stretch his limits and grow in community reminded Taby of how much VLC means to them. “You don’t always get the support you need for your family. It’s really nice to know that they’re there for you, and they’ll pray for you. It’s not just a camp to us, it’s family.”