‘Untypical Teenager’: How Kenley Developed Life-Altering Friendships

On the surface, Kenley Brown seems like a typical teenager. She’s active in church and school activities, and her younger siblings test her patience occasionally. But Kenley has experienced meaningful connections through Victory Lane that make her an “untypical” teenager.

Kenley was just 7 years old when she attended her first Victory Lane summer session, and she didn’t fully understand the value of what was happening around her. For the last six years, her family has served at camp together. During that time, she has grown to learn more about the importance of the friendships made at camp as well as developed into a deeper connection with her own family.

“Each year I’ve made more connections and friendships with people and different families that I probably wouldn’t have met,” Kenley reflected. “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been more and more excited to meet more people and create new relationships.”

Over the years, Kenley has participated in many different events and activities at camp sessions. So many things, in fact, that she struggles to pinpoint one favorite experience.

“I don’t just have one favorite experience,” she expressed. “I have many favorite experiences, and they all involve meeting new families and even growing closer with my family and learning new things at each different camp.”

Making connections is something that Kenley values highly because of close connections through her time at camp. One of the most meaningful friendships began last camp session with Luke Schlink.

“He came up to me and sat on my lap. After that, he didn’t leave my side all week,” Kenley shared. “Luke really is a best friend to me and has taught me to love people just how they are and accept them for them.”

Kenley has had the unique opportunity to grow up as a part of the Victory Lane community. While unaware of just how valuable and impacting the experience could be at first, she has grown to consider her family’s involvement to be one of the best things they do together.

“It brings families closer together and makes you appreciate absolutely everything,” she explained. “Victory Lane is an amazing opportunity to develop relationships, be with your family, and just have a great time. It truly is an awesome experience, and I definitely look forward to it every year.”