The Men of Victory Lane Speak Out

When it comes to serving in a camp session with Victory Lane, the men within a family often face apprehension, unsure of what they will experience while attending camp. By breaking through this apprehension, however, positive changes take place. What starts out as an opportunity to serve others often leads to growth within these men and their families.

Brent Smith opened up about his first camp experience. “Honestly, I felt so unqualified to be a serving family. It made me really anxious at first, but after the first day that all went away. Victory Lane does such a wonderful job at organizing the schedule, so you have time to refresh- we didn’t feel like our day was scheduled from start to finish.”

Victory Lane structures each serving experience as a “backyard mission trip,” offering the chance for a family to serve together without the expense and trouble of securing visas and international flights. Serving families also receive valuable training in advance of each camp session.

“I went into camp thinking of it like a mission trip, but by the end of the week I realized I was the one being served,” Chad Pentecost explained. “It was like camping with your friends and you were just having fun. Victory Lane is a very welcoming environment, and when you arrive everyone feels like they are where they should be.”

Aaron Fredrick, Occupational Therapist, had to step out of his comfort zone while attending his first camp session with his wife Emily. He volunteered to participate in the skits, which felt overwhelming at first. “By the end of the week, I was having so much fun hyping the kids up and just being loose,” Aaron noted. “I came back to work a different therapist. My job is so much more fun now.”

Being involved with Victory Lane provides a unique service experience. Serving families are given the chance to volunteer and connect with other families who have a child with disabilities (Victory Family). Serving families have free time to build relationships Victory Families that last beyond a camp session.

“If you’re on the fence about attending, don’t be. Your kids will learn about themselves and you will become a better person,” Chad continued. “You won’t regret it and will want to come back year after year.”

Are you interested in serving through Victory Lane? Visit or call Tiffanny at 765-591-4191 for more information.