The Fredericks’ First Time to Serve

Aaron and Emily Fredrick live fairly hectic lifestyles. Aaron spends his days as an Occupational Therapist at 321Go Kids, while Emily works as a payroll clerk for a staffing agency. In addition to their busy work schedules, the Fredricks are also very involved with their church. When asked if they wanted to help with Victory Lane and attend the Bradford Woods camp session, they were unsure if they had the time and availability.

After a lot of discussion, they decided to take the plunge and say “yes” to the invitation. They both felt drawn to help Victory Lane and attend camp. Unsure if they were qualified for the commitment they just agreed to, as camp inched closer worry began to set in.

“The first day of camp is only serving families, which I was grateful for,” Aaron explained. “This helped take a bit of the pressure off and allowed everyone to relax and get acclimated before the Victory Families arrived.”

Once the Victory Families arrived, Aaron and Emily began to see exactly what Victory Lane is about. Some of the serving families have never assisted kids with disabilities before. It doesn’t take long though for the Victory and Serving Families to begin blending into one unified bunch.

“Walking through a field with my wife toward the end of the week was the biggest eye opener for me. We saw a group of serving kids playing Frisbee and a victory kid simply watching- he struggles with endurance and knew he would be unable to keep up with the other boys,” Aaron noted. “I was going to continue walking on, until my wife stopped me dead in her tracks and told me I HAD to say something. That is the point of camp!”

After a quick discussion with the boys, Aaron and his wife went on with their evening. Later on, the victory kid was so excited to tell everyone about the game of Frisbee he was able to play with the other boys. They reworked their game in order to incorporate their new friend.

After camp, it all suddenly became clear for Aaron and Emily. This is why they felt drawn to Victory Lane. This is why the commitment was worth the time sacrifice to attend. This is why they will return to camp. Because, in Aaron’s words, “Victory Lane is what service should feel like.”

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