Telethon Flashback Story: Luke & Jimmy Schlink

If you tuned in to the Victory Lane telethon, you had the blessing of meeting one of the many families you are impacting through Victory Lane. The Schlink family, Jimmy and his son, Luke, have made meaningful connections through Victory Lane…. connections that you, our generous donors, have made possible.

During the Victory Lane Telethon, Jimmy and Luke performed jokes for the audience. “How did the family pay for their trip to Hawaii?” Jimmy asked Luke. “They bought it on lei-a-way!” Evidenced by their laughing and fist-bumping, Luke thought his dad’s jokes were hilarious.

“Thanks so much Victory Lane… we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you,” Jimmy added after his jokes were through. “You have changed our lives and we love you!”

Becoming a part of Victory Lane has not only brought a community of support to the Schlinks, but it provided a life-changing bond between two families. Victory Lane connected the Schlink family with the Brown family and the two families built a rich relationship that extends beyond Victory Lane. Whether they are joining each other for dinner or vacationing together in Florida, they are one big family.

“Jimmy and Luke are such a blessing to the Victory Lane community,” noted Brett Fischer, Victory Lane Founder. “It’s pretty amazing to watch the relationships from camp grow so deep and continue to grow outside of camp throughout the year. We are so excited to be a part of the Schlink family.”