Telethon Flashback Story: The Brown Family

Your donations to Victory Lane not only benefit families with children with disabilities (Victory Families), but also provides training for Victory Partner Families. Victory Partner Families connect with Victory Families during camp sessions, special events, and casual gatherings. By investing in Victory Lane, you are helping defy loneliness and allow Victory and Victory Partner Families to come together as one.

The Brown family are no strangers to Victory Lane and actively serve as a Victory Partner Family. Since attending their first camp in 2015, the Browns participate in many Victory Lane activities. Families who have attended past camp sessions are accustomed to the Brown family’s musical melodies, and Ashley Brown serves as the official photographer for Victory Lane.

During the Victory Lane Telethon, Mike Brown explained how the training his family received through Victory Lane has impacted them. When you become involved with Victory Lane, one of the first lessons taught is about “filling your buckets.” This analogy simply explained: everyone has a mental bucket and some people’s buckets fill quicker than others. For instance, if two children are placed in a crowded room, a child with autism might feel their bucket “fill up” quicker because they are overwhelmed. Mike enjoyed learning about mental buckets because it helps his family communicate better with one another.

“Victory Lane helps teach the steps to take in order to communicate with those that are different than us,” Mike Brown noted. “I appreciate the things I have learned from Victory Lane because we all need that education!”

Thank you to all of our generous donors who make Victory Lane an educational opportunity for Victory Partner Families. To find out how you can invest in Victory Lane, visit