Telethon Flashback Story: AJ Wise

Investing in Victory Lane makes a difference in the individual lives of kids who have disabilities. When you donate to Victory Lane, you impact young people like AJ Wise, who first attended a Victory Lane camp session in 2017.

Much like his tortoise Harriet, AJ Wise is accustomed to taking cover in his shell. However, when his mother asked if he would like to perform during Victory Lane’s telethon- he completely changed his tune! AJ rocked the telethon by singing and showing off his array of pets.

“If it weren’t for our Victory Lane family, he would never be doing this,” explained Tabatha, AJ’s mom. “When I asked him to perform, he said no big deal, it’s just for my family!”

During his performance, AJ sang American Soldier by Toby Keith. After his musical performance, he introduced us to each of his many animal friends, ranging from Stumpy the bearded dragon to his service dog, Terrell.

Paige Fischer tuned in to chat with AJ about Victory Lane as he showed off his menagerie of pets. AJ told Paige his favorite thing about Victory Lane was meeting all of his friends there.

“I would like to say thank you for all of you watching this and for donating to this wonderful organization,” AJ added. “At Victory Lane I get to do cool things like the zipline!”

Thank you to all of our generous donors who make Victory Lane a reality and help us connect young people like AJ with lifelong friendships. To find out how you can invest in Victory Lane, visit