December 19, 2023
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New Stories Are Waiting To Be Told In Victory Lane’s Next Decade

As the 10-year anniversary of Victory Lane comes to a close, Founder Brett Fischer and Director Natasha Hamilton anticipate new stories waiting to be told in the decade to come. Some of these stories will feature Victory Families who discover a community prepared to support them through life’s challenges. Other stories will include Partner Families who find that serving creates deep friendships they didn’t realize they were missing.
October 13, 2023

Growing A Heart Of Service In The Next Generation

When Chad and Sarah Cooper signed up as a Victory Lane Partner Family last year, they had one primary goal: to teach their daughters the value […]
August 23, 2023

A Chess Game Leads To Friendship

It started with a chess game. Michael, a Victory Kid, was looking for someone to play chess with him during Victory Lane’s 2021 summer camp session, and he asked Becca to join him. Becca was serving as a Teen In Mission (TIM). Through the TIMs program, Becca and her youth group were building friendships and learning how to relate to people who have disabilities. Becca didn’t know how to play chess, but she was willing to learn.
July 22, 2023

Cultivating Friendships Through the Victory Lane Community

Over the past decade, Victory Families and Partner families have formed hundreds of friendships. These friendships usually begin at a summer camp session and then blossom through connections at Victory Lane events and even outside of Victory Lane activities