Sixth Annual Chili Cook-Off is September 29

Before the first summer camp session welcome tunnel, Victory Lane Camp welcomed people to a Chili Cook-Off, which is now an annual event. “It was one of the very first community events we did. There were people that got involved and on board with the vision,” explained VLC’s Assistant Director, Tiffanny Youngquist.

Over the years, the Chili Cook-Off has seen hundreds of attendees, a variety of chilis, and even a few extra-special activities. Some highlights include the Wheel Race of 2015, the sports car visit in 2016, and the hot air balloon rides of 2017. There’s always been something exciting to experience at the Cook-Off.

No matter what the special activities are, families are reconnecting with each other and making new memories together at the event. Tiffanny remembered one of her favorite moments, “I really liked when we had the judges come in, and Chad Hedrick was one of our judges. He’s so much fun. I loved watching him try all of the chilis and taste them all.”

Along with that memory, Tiffanny enjoys the discovery of who attends. “I love being surprised by who shows up that didn’t RSVP. That’s always fun,” she shared.

This year, Tiffanny hopes to see some families that haven’t been to an event in a while. She expressed, “There are some families I haven’t seen since 2016 camps. I’d love to see some families that we haven’t seen in a long time.”

The plan for this year is largely like it has been. More than the chili, and beyond the planned activities, the Events Pit Crew wants attendees to think of this Chili Cook-Off as a reunion.

Tiffanny urged, “If you’ve missed your VLC friends and family, we want you to come and get to see them again!”

Has it been a while since you last made it to an event? Or maybe you haven’t missed a Chili Cook-Off yet? Whatever the case me be, mark your calendar, pick out your recipe, and join us for a great time of reunion together!

This year’s Cook-Off will be on Saturday, September 29, from 4-7 pm at The Gathering in Lewisville (902 E. Main Street).