Mixing Generations Leads To Rich Experience

As eight females of varying ages and life stages began to move into their cabin at Bradford Woods last summer, there was undoubtedly some apprehension about how this would work. What would they have in common? Who would be in the neighboring bunk? Could the variety of ages and personalities cause stress during the Victory Lane summer session?

These apprehensions were short-lived the moment these women began unpacking their bags. Diann Nichols, Cindy Kelly, Crin and Abigail Pullins, Merissa Hanning, Carlie Johnson, and Jadyn and Skylar Youngquist immediately began making connections that have lasted long after the camp session ended.

“It seemed as though I had known the two therapists, Cindy and Diann, all my life and we would stay up late talking about our families and life experiences,” Crin described. “I was the newbie to Victory Lane, and Cindy and Diane were very helpful in answering my questions and putting me at ease with new situations.”

Merissa also felt the quick and meaningful connections. She noted, “Each night we would play cards and just discuss life. It was such an amazing time! These relationships also encouraged me as I look to my future career, Occupational Therapy. They answered all of my questions and were just overall very encouraging and supportive.”

The mixing of generations proved to add to the camp experience for everyone. “We older ladies loved the energy and fresh perspective of the younger ones. We also kind of ‘mothered’ the younger ones, with some friendly ‘nagging’ about sunscreen, nutrition, and other motherly advice,” shared Crin.

While the “older ladies” were loving the energy, the younger ones were learning from their example. Merissa expressed, “The relationships I built helped me build confidence and truly learn how to serve others. Diann and Cindy demonstrated what it means to serve others in anything and everything you do.”

The shared fun and lessons learned will continue with each woman throughout their lives. Crin went on to say, “I think the greatest impact the week in the women’s cabin had on me was seeing how the cabin of complete strangers of various ages and backgrounds could come together and bond so closely in such a short time. I felt welcomed and part of the group from the very first moment and want to carry that experience out into other areas of life. I want to make sure that I always make others feel welcome and part of whatever group I’m in.”

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