Making Room to Serve

Attending a summer session with Victory Lane Camp opens up the opportunity for shared experiences and deeper connections. As families are joining together in community, they are growing and learning together. This summer, the Rhees family came to serve, but it was their time spent with Victory families that encouraged them to take a big step.

Greg Rhees first heard about Victory Lane Camp from founder Brett Fischer when they both attended “Dad Camp” in Kokomo, Indiana. After learning about the mission and experience of VLC, Greg brought up the idea of serving at camp to his wife, Jennie. “She was in,” stated Greg.

Greg, Jennie, and their two daughters, Ava and Krissy attended camp in 2018 as a serving family. Greg recalled, “Some of our favorite memories are spending time with fellow parents and learning their techniques for remaining calm and collected.”

Beyond their time at camp, the Rhees family has found great value in their learned experience as they’ve begun a journey in foster care. Greg expressed, “I feel that attending VLC gave us the encouragement and skills we need and are currently utilizing with our foster daughter.”

Greg and Jen both had a desire to begin foster care for a long time. They waited for their daughters to grow a bit older before starting the process. And it was their time at Victory Lane Camp that really encouraged them to take the leap.

“When we began fostering, our girls were 8 and 10 years old, so we felt like we had arrived at a place in our life that we could take the leap. After going to VLC this summer, we were blown away by many of the parents we spent the week with,” Greg explained. “They demonstrated the resolve and will necessary to be successful parents. They taught us that we are able to stretch ourselves a little further and make room in our lives to help out where we can.”

The Rhees family continues to lean on their experiences and community with Victory Lane Camp as they raise their family. “Becoming foster parents has been full of successes as well as failures, giggles and out-of-this-world tantrums,” shared Greg. “Whenever we are in a place with our foster daughter of feeling defeated, we are able to pull from the lessons we have learned from our friends at VLC and remember we can pull through.”

For Greg, Jen and their daughters, the experience of connecting with Victory families and serving at a Victory Lane summer session continues to impact them in everyday life. Are you looking for an experience that will enrich your family this summer? Consider serving together at a 2019 summer session. Find details here: