Liam’s Memory Shines On

The moment Jon and Katie received news they were having a baby boy, they couldn’t wait to hold him in their arms. When doctors informed them that their son, Liam, would be born with Down syndrome they were unsure what that would mean for him. They didn’t expect it to mean they would be holding him ten weeks early, weighing only 2 pounds 4 ounces. No matter his size, they cherished every moment they had with Liam.

Shortly after he was born, Liam underwent surgery and spent many weeks in the NICU. While he was a true fighter, many unforeseen obstacles were too much for his tiny body. Liam passed away peacefully in his parents arms just a few months after being born. Not a single day goes by that his family doesn’t miss him, especially his cousin Bridget.

“I was so inspired by Jon and Katie’s strength, courage and love,” Bridget explained. “I really wanted to do something positive in Liam’s memory- not only to bring comfort to Jon and Katie but to also honor the light that Liam brought to our family during his short time with us.”

Bridget began researching organizations who not only made a difference in the people’s lives they serve but were also family friendly. She wanted her donations to help children and families affected by down syndrome as well. Her research brought her to Victory Lane, and she had a good feeling it would be the perfect organization to donate to.

“It was clear to me that Victory Lane was a loving, welcoming, and very special place. They not only support families affected by down syndrome, but other disabilities as well. I felt confident supporting their mission to continue bringing light in every way possible,” Bridget added.

A few months after Liam passed away, Bridget celebrated her sixteenth birthday. She used her birthday as an opportunity to honor Liam and try to make a difference. She created a GoFundMe page asking for donations to Victory Lane, telling Liam’s story and explaining how the two coincided. By sharing the page on social media, Bridget was amazed by how many people donated.

“I was truly amazed how generous people were,” Bridget noted. “Even people who didn’t know Liam were donating out of the kindness of their heart.”

The gift Bridget was able to give Victory Lane in Liam’s memory was incredible. The connection she now has to Victory Lane is a way for Bridget’s family to remember Liam and know they are honoring him in the best way.

“Victory Lane goes beyond therapy and services. It’s a loving community made up of people from all types of backgrounds and abilities who care and connect with one another.” Bridget said. “I am so happy I picked Victory Lane to honor Liam.”

If you are interested in donating to Victory Lane, please visit