Help Families Form Friendships at Victory Lane

The gracious donations made to Victory Lane help many families have an experience like no other. Kelly Cox knew her family needed to attend Victory Lane, especially after hearing her friends reminisce on the wonderful time they had. Unsure of what to expect, she kept her focus on the family aspect of the week. Knowing her family could participate in the camp together kept her at ease.

Upon arriving at camp, the Cox family was eager to meet their partnered Victory Family. Kelly was excited for the kids to play together and build friendships. She had no idea the bond she was about to make as well.

“I thought the focus of the week would primarily be on the kids,” Kelly explained. “Throughout the week I discovered it was an incredible experience for the adults as well.”

Kelly reminisced about her favorite memory of camp: during a rainy afternoon, Kelly, her family, and their partner family decided to play a game of UNO. At one point in the game, Kelly had about 50 cards in her hand because the kids kept making her draw. Everyone was laughing so hard they had tears!

Victory Lane’s generous donors gave the Cox family the opportunity to create a lasting friendship with a family they bonded so well with. It was a great reminder that every has different challenges, yet many of those challenges are in some ways the same.

“Victory Lane is a wonderful experience for the entire family,” added Kelly. “No one is left out, and a family-type bond is formed. Our friendship with our Victory Family was so wonderful, we have since attended a concert together and celebrated Thanksgiving together!”

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