Hanson Family Finds Community Within Victory Lane

Prior to Victory Lane becoming a community that celebrates children with different abilities, it was simply a dream. A dream Christopher and Shelly Hanson never knew they would benefit so greatly from. When they were blessed with their son Truman, they noticed he had a personality unique from other kids his age. As Truman grew older, he was diagnosed with autism. The diagnoses led to immense curiosity of what his future would hold.

The Hanson family wanted to create memorable experiences for Truman, but always worried a meltdown might occur. When they committed to attend Victory Lane’s summer camp session in 2017, they were reluctant in the beginning- unsure if they made the right decision for their son.

“I really had no idea what to expect going into Victory Lane, because autism looked very chaotic on Truman in the early years,” Shelly explained. “We spent a lot of time avoiding new places… but I knew we needed the experience of Victory Lane for the sake of Truman and our other children as well.”

After attending their first Victory Lane camp session, the Hanson family was immediately eager for more- which led to them returning for another camp session two years later. Through Victory Lane, they were able to find community. The Hanson family felt that they finally belonged.

“While at camp, I gained courage. I realized Truman is capable of so much more than I think, and my girls are more resilient than I give them credit,” Shelly added. “Our family is forever changed and better because of the experience.”