Flooded with Blessings- 2019 First Summer Session

There were many expectations for Victory Lane’s first camp session this year… new relationships forming, fun activities, trust building, and a sense of belonging for both parents and children. What wasn’t expected was low temperatures and an intense flood to round out the week. Even though these were not the conditions Victory Lane was expecting, everyone involved still made the most of the camp session and the result was a series of unexpected blessings.

This camp session included shared meals, breakout sessions, campfires, and free time allowing families build connections with one another. Throughout the week, parents watched children experience progress of stepping out of their comfort zones. Friendships formed, leading to trust built between Victory families and serving families… trust that became especially valuable as storm clouds rolled in Saturday evening.

Saturday night’s agenda was set to include a special sharing time around the campfire, but bad weather was looming. What started as heavy rain quickly turned into a flash flood. Stories had to be put on pause when word came that storms were coming, and everyone sought shelter.

“I would say when the water started to rise, it was pretty terrifying. But God was good, and He provided, and everyone was safe,” Tiffanny Youngquist, Victory Lane Assistant Director, noted. “And in the end, there were only minor property losses, so we are thanking God for His provision and protection.”

Camp participants were split into two groups: one went to the bunkhouse and the other to the larger shower house building. The water quickly began to rise along with the anxiety of what would come next. Car tires disappeared under water accumulation, camper trailers mimicked boathouses, and the road was nowhere in sight. Due to the chaos, campfire was cancelled, and safety was the only thing on people’s minds.

As the two groups joined together to pray for safety, the friendships built earlier in the week made all the difference. One Victory Mom expressed this before the rain started to fall: “I felt so alone for so long. Now I know I have a family I can trust.”

While nobody anticipated a flood, the lessons following it were remarkable. During this event families found it necessary to trust others, when they had never felt comfortable enough to trust before. Individuals were put into situations where they had to rely on help from others, instead of handling it themselves. In the end, despite the flood, this camp session embodies what Victory Lane is all about- forming bonds, friendships, and community.