Distance Doesn’t Deter This Family

Dawn knew that she was supposed to take her family to Victory Lane Camp. She looked all through the internet to find a camp suited for her son Trevor. VLC summer camp sessions looked like an opportunity for her family to be together and grow as a family.

“The moment I was told that we would all be together, I knew that we were supposed to be going,” Dawn explained.

Coming from the state of Wisconsin, Dawn and Ken didn’t let the challenges of a long drive stop them and their son Trevor from coming to the Victory Lane Camp session at Cornerstone Campground. After forgetting there was a time change, they knew that they were going to arrive an hour later than planned. The last-minute stress of being late started to make Dawn and Ken a little discouraged, but when they finally arrived at camp something changed. Their son Trevor instantly had a smile on his face and that’s when they knew they were going to have a memorable week.

“When we made it to camp, all the stress was gone and all the traveling was worth it because our family started to bond instantly with the people we met.”

Dawn knew that this was where her family needed to be and that this community would embrace her family for the week. Dawn was filled with joy as she witnessed Trevor having the time of his life throughout the week. While Trevor was dancing, playing miniature golf, and interacting with others, Dawn couldn’t help but notice the continuous smile on his face.

“This was such a great opportunity for all of us to be together and laugh while we were growing as a family and with other families as well,” Dawn shared. “We will have memories from this week that will last a lifetime.”

Another thing that Dawn loved was how their serving family, the Cooks, poured into them throughout the week. Through most of the activities, meals, and campfires, Cindy Cook was always with them.

“She was always good at being consistently present with us.”

After being loved on throughout the week, Dawn is determined for her family to come back again next year for another summer session. Dawn looks forward to being involved with Victory Lane Camp and loves the idea of serving other families in any way possible.

“Victory Lane has helped us come together as a family and I would love to help other families feel that as well.”

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-Story Contributed by Regan Millikan