Building Confidence Through Camp Connections

Howard and Jennifer Fischer didn’t know exactly what to expect when they attended their first VLC summer session with their son Gabriel in 2016. Gabriel was going through a lot physically, and they were challenged as parents. This year, they found new challenges with their son Andrew added into the mix, but the entire camp experience exceeded their expectations.

“Bringing two kids to camp this year put us on our toes a little more,” Howard mentioned. “This year, however, we met a lot more people.”

Howard felt like he was able to be more flexible with everything throughout the time of camp and to respond well to situations involving his kids. Even though he and Jennifer had matured as parents over the course of the year, they still looked forward to the growth they would experience at camp.

“Every six months or so, as a parent, there is always a need for confidence and Victory Lane Camp is where that confidence has grown the most for me,” Howard expressed. “One of the biggest things is being embraced with the unconditional love in this community. It has helped me believe in God’s love and grow in my confidence as a parent.”

Howard and Jennifer experienced several memorable moments while attending the summer camp session at Bradford Woods. One of those moments was the cargo net challenge. During this activity, the goal is to get to the fifth level, 30 feet in the air, by only climbing cargo nets. Gabriel didn’t start trying to climb the nets until he saw his dad doing it first.

“When Gabe and I were doing the nets together and we reached the top, he said to me, ‘I really like being up here with you,’” Howard shared. “There were a lot of activities like that for my kids and I to do together, where they thought they were simply fun. Those were what affected me the most.”

Beyond the camp activities, the Fischers appreciate the connections they have made through Victory Lane Camp. Jen attended the Moms Refresh Weekend in 2017 and got to know more families. Gabriel has developed friendships with kids who understand his needs and help him realize he’s not alone.

“We now have connections with families who understand us and other families who help us with our everyday lives,” noted Howard. “Our family loves how we connect through Victory Lane Camp, and it isn’t just our family, but it’s how the whole community gets involved.”

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-Story Contributed by Regan Millikan