Unexpected Blessings: The Bowmans Grow Through Serving

Billy and Wendy Bowman’s involvement with Victory Lane Camp began with Brett and Paige Fischer sharing a presentation about VLC in their home. They became monthly prayer partners and donated financially. As their connection with the VLC community continued to develop and grow, the Bowmans began to see change and growth within their own family.

“We led meal teams from our church for several years and then we were finally able to come to camp this past summer,” explained Wendy. Their participation extends beyond camp: they enjoy attending the VLC events throughout the year. The Bowman’s four children are also taking part in the community.

“Our oldest son, Tucker, is participating in the TIMs program. He is learning how to be a great leader and think about how he can incorporate serving others into his everyday life.” Wendy continued to share more of their children’s experiences, “My boys loved interacting with all the other kids at camp and getting to play gaga ball to their hearts’ content! Conner liked playing with Bracy and Caden. Tucker enjoyed getting to know Luke Miller better. Tanner enjoyed the hot air balloon ride at the Chili Cook-off. Sawyer just likes to go around and talk to everyone.”

One of their favorite memories at camp this summer was talking with Victory parents Cyndi and Kai Johnson while watching Leah, Rebecca, and Aiden Johnson catch fish after fish and a turtle or two. Wendy also appreciated the time they had with Brenda and Doug Miller, who are both Victory parents and a serving family. She expressed, “Brenda and Doug helped us learn how to be better servants for the Victory families.”

Some of Bowmans’ connections began before their involvement with VLC. Wendy explained, “We have reconnected with old friends. I actually used to work with Amy Muegge (daughter Emma). After my family decided to homeschool I quit working, we lost communication for the last 5 years or so. When I heard that her family was coming to camp this summer, I was so excited! We have reconnected and have loved getting to know their whole family better.”

One of the unexpected blessings of their VLC involvement was watching their family grow and change as a result. Wendy shared, “We have made a family mission statement and have family meetings each week. We have a common language when we need to take a ‘stop!’ We are growing closer together and closer to God as a team.”