Beauty in the Unique- Saje’s Story

Confusion, fear, heartbreak… these are just some of the emotions Sandra felt watching her young daughter Saje lying on the hospital bed. Sandra recalls seeing Saje’s legs quiver from the testing and manipulation, feeling unsure of what the future would hold. The doctor quickly diagnosed Saje with cerebral palsy, and an uphill battle began, complete with doctor visits and therapy appointments.

Fast-forward several years… Saje is a bright and active eleven-year-old. She is a talented artist and enjoys coloring, drawing, and playing with sidewalk chalk. She also has an athletic side and loves kicking a soccer ball around the backyard. When she’s not outdoors, she can be found with her nose in a book, quickly absorbing the pages.

What sets Saje apart is that she performs these activities while using walking assistive devices. Her balance is a bit wobbly at times, but she doesn’t let that stop her. Saje’s determination is one of her strongest qualities.

“We’ve never been to a camp for her disability,” Sandra explained. “It’s really nice that everyone here gets it. Everyone here understands. Many times, we will be in a public place and people stare or walk right in her way… not here. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful.”

Victory Lane’s summer session is a time when families can feel welcomed and loved, but most importantly- included. Sandra and Saje felt this inclusion immensely during their week at camp. Next summer they are really looking forward to returning and connecting with the friends they made.

“Saje has a disability- but things like this make us feel so, so blessed,” Sandra expressed. “What Victory Lane does for kids is wonderful.”

Is your family interested in being a part of an inclusive community? If so, contact Tiffany at Victory Lane at [email protected].