February 22, 2024
Family enjoying time together while serving

Better Together: How Serving At Victory Lane Helped This Family Find Meaning And Intention

Stephanie Collis wasn’t sure about bringing her two daughters to Victory Lane 10 years ago. As a single mom who isn’t naturally social, she resisted any […]
January 22, 2024

Serving Together: Grandparents and Grandchildren Make Memories At Summer Camp Sessions

Quality time with their grandchildren is something grandparents crave, but is often difficult to find. The Criswell and Julson families, however, found a way to incorporate time with their grandchildren and service to others: they became Partner Families for Victory Lane’s summer camp sessions.
December 19, 2023
December story image

New Stories Are Waiting To Be Told In Victory Lane’s Next Decade

As the 10-year anniversary of Victory Lane comes to a close, Founder Brett Fischer and Director Natasha Hamilton anticipate new stories waiting to be told in the decade to come. Some of these stories will feature Victory Families who discover a community prepared to support them through life’s challenges. Other stories will include Partner Families who find that serving creates deep friendships they didn’t realize they were missing.
November 22, 2023

‘Generosity Bloomed In His Honor’: How Randy Brewster’s Legacy of Giving Lives On

Randy Brewster wasn’t someone who liked to be in the spotlight. His wife Jennie defines him as a “behind the scenes guy.” Following his untimely death […]